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Course Requirements

100 hr Level 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification:

Completion of both week long sessions 1 & 2 of Paulie Zink’s Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course
 = 80 hours class time

The balance of 20 hours is to be fulfilled with reading and writing assignments.

REQUIRED READING and OUTLINE (Choose one option):

Taoism~ An Essential Guide  (Former title: The Shambhala Guide to Taoism)
A complete introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of an ancient Chinese spiritual tradition

By Eva Wong

The Way of the Five Seasons
Living with the Five Elements for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Harmony

By John Kirkwood

Write  your outline as a personal teaching reference resource with an emphasis on the specific topics that are most relevant and useful to you as a teacher


Paulie’s Yoga Teaching Philosophy and Ethics posted at: and contained in
Paulie Zink's Yin Yoga Teacher Training Workbook (provided to course attendees)

Keep a log of all study hours spent and submit the total of logged hours along with your writing assignments.
Please write the title of the book on your papers.

Send assignments to:

For further suggested reading visit:

Students who meet all requirements for the 100 hr Yin Yoga Certification Course are eligible for FREE lifetime registration with The Yin Yoga Institute pending submission of the application form

200 hr Level 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification:

Students may accrue a supplementary 100 hours of credit to earn a total of 200 hours Certification
at no extra charge- except for other Yin yoga workshops or courses with Paulie Zink

Completion of 100 hr Yin Yoga Certification Requirements

Reading and written reflection on the book Tao Te Ching

Additional reading and written assignments as needed for hours on books selected from our reading list:

Yin yoga teaching experience: (minimum 10 hours required with a maximum 40 hours allowed)
     Teaching hours must be accrued after completing one of the Yin Yoga Certification week sessions.
     (Additional teaching hours credit may be accepted under some circumstances with pre-approval.)

Teaching hours must be accompanied by 3 student evaluations that include:
       *Student name and contact information
       *Number of hours student attended classes and dates (month and year)    
       *A brief evaluation of the teacher’s communication skills and understanding of the principles of Yin yoga
        (as an art form not a science)

Hours accrued from attending other Yin yoga workshops and/or additional Yin Yoga Certification week session(s)
taught by Paulie Zink.

For more information on Paulie Zink's Yin yoga weekend workshops please visit:

Please include your name on all documents and your postal address.
Send writing assignments, student teaching evaluations, and copies of Paulie’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training
certificates of completion to:  

Level 2-  200+ hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification:

200 hr Level 1 requirements plus completion of Session 3 of Paulie's Yin Yoga Certification Course
(Session 3 Advanced Training is by invitation only for students who have completed both sessions 1 & 2)

Certification Course SCHEDULE and LOCATIONS

​Streaming 100 hr Yin Yoga Certification Course

Each session purchased includes two private zoom meeting with Paulie

Yin  Yoga  Teacher  Certification  Course  Description

Paulie Zink Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Clips from Paulie Zink's Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Course

Courtesy of Eileen Kragie, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Studying with Paulie Zink is an opportunity not to be missed. Having just completed his advanced Yin yoga certification training,
I cannot express here all that I learned. Each and every time I go to study with him I learn something new.
It just grows and grows with practice under the tutelage of a true master.

He teaches the practice as something that you undertake for a lifetime to keep your health and well being. His advanced week of training begins to delve into medical chi kung and other various practices based on the 5 elements of the Chinese Taoist healing system that has its roots in the ancient shamanistic tradition, along with Paulie's own observations of nature and animals obtained over a lifetime. 

Wow... you come away feeling alive and with a set of skills that you can practice every dayto keep you feeling like a child again.
Thank you Master Zink!

Eileen Kragie

Yin Yoga Articles

"A Lesson in Yin Yoga from the Founder Master Paulie Zink" By Paulie and Maria Zink

"Yin Yoga: The complete Art Form"  By Eileen Kragie

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course Description

Participants receive a 41 page Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual which includes 18 pages of illustrated postures.

The purpose of Yin yoga is to grow the body flexible and promote healing, to develop our flow of energy, and to enliven our innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace. Paulie’s approach to yoga is about following our own individual path. Paulie gently guides students in opening to their intuitive hearts and discovering the artist within, and in trusting and expressing their own unique way of being in the practice.

In this training participants will explore both the yin and yang aspects of yoga postures that are inspired by the movements of animals and that activate the elemental forces contained within our energetic field. Through this process we fully engage our connection with the natural world, we awaken to our spontaneous and playful spirit, we transcend the boundaries of assumed limitations and learn more than just a technique for doing yoga, we learn a way of being yoga, of living it in our day to day lives. We can then bring these gifts to the lives of those we touch.


SESSION 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

Learning the foundation of Yin yoga principles and postures
Alchemy fundamentals
Group discussion on practice
Birthing and yielding cycles
Basics of teaching philosophy
Student practice teaching
Primary Yin yoga postures

SESSION 2 Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

Teaching techniques
Flow and transition movement
Reading assignment discussion
Adapting teaching philosophy for specific audiences and student needs
Taoist philosophy
Power yoga
Student practice teaching
Yin yoga posture variations

SESSION 3 Yin Yoga Teacher Certification
ADVANCED TRAINING- open only to students who have completed both sessions 1 & 2

How to become attuned with your own flow
How to create flow sequences of postures for students
Practice teaching with specific evaluation and guidance
Yin yoga postures - Participants must demonstrate proficiency in content from sessions 1 and 2
Advanced alchemy using birthing and yielding cycles with accompanying postures
Medical chi kung, standing forms of exercises (Aura Palm)
Alchemical meditations for cultivating elemental energetic properties
Relationship of the organs, emotions, and the five elements