Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

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Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

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These are the only Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Courses authorized by Yin yoga founder
Master Paulie Zink. The purpose of Yin yoga is to restore and enhance our innate ability
to move with fluidity, power,
and grace.
Learn to teach the art of Yin yoga the way the founder intended it to be taught.

Yin and yang are inseparable polarities of a whole. They represent the feminine and masculine principles
of dynamic opposites such as hard and soft, cold and hot, dark and light, stillness and activity.
At the most fundamental level the interplay of yin and yang creates the vibration of energy or life force
that informs all of creation.

Paulie Zink's complete art of Yin yoga actually encompasses both yin and yang postures.
Specific exercises are used to cultivate and balance the yin and yang aspects of our individual Qi,
​ or life force.

Yin yoga is based upon the alchemical elements of Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire
that each express distinct qualities in the body and emotions, such as lightness, fluidity, strength,
springiness, and calm. In addition, the postures and movements of Yin yoga are sourced from the
characteristics of many types of animals.

When the benefits of these healing modalities are practiced in combination,
the natural physical and emotional attributes of the elemental energies are enlivened within us
and we begin to awaken to our deep interconnection with the primal power of being incarnate.
This liberates us from the thinking obsessed analytical mind and enables us to become more playful,
spontaneous, and resilient.


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To become a Yin yoga registered teacher with The Yin Yoga Institute,
to locate a registered Yin yoga teacher,
and to learn more about Paulie Zink's Yin yoga teaching philosophy and ethics, please visit:
The Yin Yoga Institute.com

"Paulie, Thank you both so much for a wonderful Yin yoga training. Your Yin yoga teacher certification
has been the most freeing, pleasant, fun, and experiential yoga training I have ever taken.
I learned so much from not only the art that you so brilliantly teach, but I learned as much by
just being with such a genuine, caring and wonderful human being as you.
I love the art of Yin yoga that you teach and have already been sharing it with my students.
I have had wonderful feedback and enjoyed watching my students become playful
as they attempt to embody the animals and then feel the flows.
Paulie, you are not only a master in the art of Yin Yoga,
you are also a master at passing it on to others in the kindest and most generous way.
Thank you so very much."

Blessings to you,
Cheryl Gojko  

yin yoga dvds

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